Saturday, January 31, 2009

Shadow Shot Sunday #27

Phew! What a week it's been! My 'big' boy started school for the first time, I started my new (pretty wonderful) job, we celebrated my brother's 30th and then my birthday and I met with the gorgeous Brisstyle committee girls. It's been a very full, exhausting fun week!

So, I thought a good Shadow Shot for this week would be of my boy going off on his first day of school.

Oh! he looked so cute, and was so proud of his new (big) uniform, hat and backpack. It was only when it was time for us to leave him at school that the tears started (his - not mine!!) ... oh his little face was so sad! But when 'home-time' rolled around he'd had so much fun that he wanted to stay at school!!

Happy Sunday everyone!
Thanks again to Hey Harriet for hosting Shadow Shot Sunday!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Shadow Shot #26

This weeks shots are from our recent holiday in Sydney. We stayed in the Northern Beaches with my cousin and were lucky enough to go out on Pittwater in my uncle's cruiser.

I love the landforms around Sydney - the sandstone and the Sydney gums are gorgeous. Pittwater is bounded by National Park and little residential pockets - often with no road access. Very beautiful!

We anchored at a little beach where we we able to swim ashore (so beautiful!) and played in the sand. There was a little inlet there too where the little stream coming from the rocky hill behind met the beach.

We were so very spoilt on our Sydney holiday! We also travelled to Canberra where we were spoilt again by more family members! (lots of love, beautiful food and drink!)

So now it's back to work - holidays are over!
Happy Sunday everyone, and a Happy Australia Day for tomorrow!

Thank you again to Hey Harriet for her wonderful shadow inspiration; to see more Shadow Shots on a Sunday, go to Hey Harriet's blog.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Shadow Shot Sunday #25

My little girl has recently 'graduated' to a big bed. It is the most beautiful old cast iron bed that I blogged about here. We got it professionally re-coated, I made some flag/bunting things for the top and it all looks gorgeous (I'll post more pics later). She loves it but it's so high - almost as tall as she is - so she has a struggle to hop into bed, but heaven help anyone who tries to assist her (she is 2, afterall!).

The afternoon sun comes in her window a little bit which makes lovely shadows from her bedhead. Lovely!

Happy Sunday everyone!
Pop into Hey Harriet's blog for more shadow shots :)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Shadow Shot Sunday # 24

The lovely Hey Harriet hosts Shadow Shot Sunday - drop by her blog to see all the fantastic shadows!

My shadow shot today is a tale of domesticity on a very hot day ... the washing was dry in an hour and made very neat, ordered shadows on the paving.

And I only got to take one shot because as I lined up to take others, a little cloud crept over the sun and ruined my shadows!

Happy Sunday everyone!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

More Softies

Obviously I have a little addiction to making soft toys ... I love it ... and my children's bedrooms will soon be overflowing with them ... as will my workroom.

Anyway, not much of a surprise that I bought the new 'More Sofites' book not that long ago. So many beautiful, clever and cute things to make and such a refreshing change to use someone else's (tried and tested) pattern instead of my own!

We had a lovely time looking through all the softies, deciding what to make, the kids putting their orders in (and their orders for cousins and next-door neighbours as well!)

These are the Christmas presents I made for some lovely little people in my life:
Rudi and Roddy the roosters - these guys are as thick as thieves, but so very polite and well-behaved (well, most of the time!) ... very much like the two little boys I made them for! They were made from MariekUniek's 'Mister Rooster' pattern.

This is Tabbie who was very fun to make ... but lots of work! I really love her. I'm afraid the hair won't stand up to a two-year old's affections, but we'll see! She was made from the pattern 'Topsy-turvy Tabitha' by Hatch - isn't she a sweetie?!

This Sweet Pea was so easy to make and with such lovely results - you can't really see, but she's on lots of matresses as she is the 'Princess and the Pea' pattern by Sarah Bowe. I loved choosing the fabrics and button (the little girl she belongs is a real 'red' girl) and I love snuggling her into bed too! I'm going to make more of these cuties!

And, as well as these cuties, I also finished off some more Little Loxies for my new LittleJellygnite shop! Phew! - holidays are hard work ;)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Etsy Shop!

I've been a busy little bee this past week, sewing furiously (and very happily too!) to get stock ready for my *new* Etsy shop: introducing LittleJellygnite.

LittleJellygnite is going to stock all my baby and children items (softies and bibs at the moment) and my jellygnite shop will now concentrate on 'grown-up' things - my handmade books and jewellery.

I have been developing new softies for LittleJellygnite that have been based on my son's drawings. My son draws all the time and his drawings have such an honesty and joy to them that I can't help but be inspired by them. I have made my 'Little Loxies' softies range so far using 4 of his animal drawings - it's very fun! Check them out at the new shop!

Of course my Little Jellies will be at my new shop too - I've got some new 'babies' waiting to make their appearances!

So, hopefully this LittleJellygnite will be the start of happy things to come!

Shadow Shot #23

Hello everyone - happy new year :)

My shadow shots have been absent lately, but I have still been enjoying taking a peek at everyone else's!

Here's my #23 SS. It was taken at South Bank Parklands about 3 weeks ago. We had a great little play in the water (along with almost every other family in Brisbane, it seemed!!) and in the fountains and in the sand. They have recently renovated the 'water play' area and it's so fun. This pic (amazingly without anybody in it - not sure how I did that on such a busy day!) shows a map of the Brisbane River and surrounding suburbs that was in the cement near the fountains.

The image looks very landscape-y I think.

Check out the lovely Hey Harriet for more of Shadow Shot Sunday.

Happy first Sunday of the year!