Thursday, July 30, 2009

I love brooches

The lovely LittleChrissy popped these lovelies into my letterbox today (well, actually the postie did, but, you know..)

I had been admiring this 'Commodities' brooch with the barcode on it for a while. I got round to purchasing it on Monday and the lovely Chris gave me an extra little special brooch as well! I really quite like it; it is soft felt with a little paper word on in - 'warmth'. Lovely.

Oh! and a sew sweet little card too!! How spoilt am I?! Thanks lovely Chris :)

As I have quite a love for brooches, here are some other yummies I've been coveting recently!

Gorgeous little cheekyRabbit Badge from pocketcarnival

fabric covered badge by STARASHAN

Gorgeous colour burst: Handfelted little nest brooch by SMboutique

They are on my shopping / wish / Christmas list!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Shadow Shot Sunday #32

Happy Sunday everyone!

Here are some shots that I captured on a recent trip to the Mt Coot-tha botanical gardens. I visited with the kids, my Mum and my Aunty and her granddaughter who were visiting from NSW. We had a lovely picnic lunch, playing, rolling down the grassy slopes (the kids - not me!) and strolling through the gardens

These were taken at the Japanese Garden - which is so serenely beautiful, even with loud, excited children in tow!

The walled garden is beautifully laid out with lush green plants, a little pond, bridges and picnic spots. I spied many shadows in the Japanese Garden as well as the rest of the Botanic gardens (it was such a beautiful sunny day!) but these were my favourites. The soft shadows of the tree on the wall as we were leaving the Japanese garden caught my eye.

Have a happy Sunday everyone, and thanks again to lovely Hey Harriet for her Shadow Shot Sunday!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

These are fun!

I've got into making a few things lately. As well as some more cute Little Loxies I've got on the go, I thought it was time for something new too (I get bored so easily - such a short attention span!).

We keep cardboard boxes of all shapes and sizes at our place. When the pile gets too big, the boxes make their way to school with my boy and go into the big tubs full of exciting 'making things' materials. However, recently I have been keeping some of these boxes for my own 'making things'.

I have made four little moleskine-style notebooks using the cardboard from cereal boxes. They are fun to make because I then go through my stash of wonderful ephemera (and it is quite a sizable stash so it's nice to make use of it!) to find a suitable image to glue onto the card. So, the boring, printed side of the cereal box gets covered up with retro loveliness and you can still see the cardboard on the inside.

Two of these cover pictures are from illustrations in 1960s women's magazines - I love the daggy style of these so much !

The other two are from pages of a glossy (and large) Tasmania 1960s tourist book - flipping through the book is like a step back in time!

I've uploaded these for sale on my jellygnite etsy shop and today I found some 'Mills & Boon' books with wonderful old covers on them so I'm looking forward to using these to make some more!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

BiDM goodness

The BrisStyle Indie Designers Market was such a busy, busy day that I barely got enough time to do a spot of shopping! With so many gorgeous handmade goodies on show, I could have easily spent the whole day just shopping!

After quite a stressful lead-up to the market (not at all helped along by my little girl banging her face into the wall), I was very happy with my table set-up; all my little things sat together nicely!

I picked up some gorgeous jewellery pieces from LittleChrissy, StratDesigns and ReRead; a delightful 'snow queen' brooch from Chris, a yummy green lolly bracelet from Sophie and a sweet blue resin ring from Hayley. It feels so nice wearing (showing off) my new pieces!

I also bought a much-coveted skirt for my little girl which she was over the moon about (such a girly girl!). It's a gorgeous orange-coloured skirt from Robyn at HotFudge. It only made Emi love the skirt even more when, wearing out for the first time, complete strangers complimented her on her fashion sense! Well, it is a most beautiful skirt! (the sneakers don't really do it justice, but the days activities called for 'sensible shoes'!)

For more of the low-down on the BiDM, check out this post on the BrisStyle blog.
Amanda from Twinkle Star Art has uploaded a bunch of photos from the BiDM onto Flickr too.

I'm back at work now that my holidays are over ... not that I have much to complaian about, I'm only working 2 days a week this semester! Which is lovely because it leaves more time for making and playing!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Shadow Shot Sunday

Hey Harriet is the host of Shadow Shot Sunday and compiles lovely collages of photos from the previous week; head over to her blog to take a peek. Here's my shadow shot from the BrisStyle market yesterday. It was taken by my son, that's why it's a little bit fuzzy; the shadows aren't too obvious ... but the sun was behind them so they were in the shadow. I love the effect of the rays of sun behind the guitarists.

The day was an enormous success; in personal terms, interest in my stock far exceeded my expectations. As well as that, it was such a fun and friendly day. I also did some shopping myself when I was able to escape from my table for a little while and got some delightful goodies. More about all this later! It's good being BrisStyle!!

Happy Sunday everyone!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

BrisStyle Indie Designers Market

As I type, am am sitting amongst a mess of market stuff: stock, signs, lists, display boxes, plastic crates, paper bags, table cloths ... and more lists!

But! It's all under control! :) With less than 3 days to go to the 'big day' (feels a bit like a wedding) I am feeling pretty good ... well, for the moment anyway!

I have written lots of lists and really enjoyed ticking my 'jobs' off once I'd done them. I still have a lot of organising to do and, the MOST important thing - write myself a shopping list for Saturday!! ;)

There is going to be over 50 of us selling at the market and, well, BrisStylettes made really gorgeous stuff so it's inevitable that my money won't stay with me for long!!

For a list of participants, visit the BrisStyle blog, or for a pretty version, Miss Ruby Red has compiled a list with etsy banners on her blog.

Drop by and say 'hello' if you visit the market on Saturday!

BrisStyle Indie Designers Market
Saturday 4th July 9am - 2pm
St Augustine's Church Hall
Racecourse Rd

Right! Off to write my (little?!) shopping list!