Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Show has come to town!

The Stitches & Craft Show has come to town! Exciting times as a long and lovely list of BrisStylettes are featuring!

There are members with their own Incub8ter stalls, running tutorials, being interviewed, being paraded as well as just helping out... Head on over to the BrisStyle blog for all the details of who's going to be doing what!

In conjunction with the Show, Bristyle members are offering 10% off their Etsy goodies for the month of May ... catch is, you have to come along to the show to get your voucher!! See this post for the details and list of participating shops.

I'll be dropping in to the Show tomorrow arvo after work to help out the fabulous Miss Ruby Red (probably more chatting than helping though, methinks!) at her Incub8ter spot. I'll also be there all day Friday volunteering at the 'Refashion' spot as well as coming back on Sunday too. Maybe I'll see you there?

Craft is the new black!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Shadow Shot Sunday

Long time between posts, and even longer between shadow shots! This is number 28 for me, and if you head on over to Hey Harriet's blog, you'll see heaps more!

Last week I was fortunate enough to rescue some very lovely vintage dresses from ending up in the rubbish bin (yes, sad but true, all these lovelies going off to the tip nearly broke my heart!); mind you, there were a lot of 'bin-worthy' items amongst them... So, I made my selections and carefully bundled them home for washing and a little t.l.c.

Today's Shadow Shot is of a lovely 1960s green linen dress, with front buttons, a dropped waist and pleats, soaking up the glorious autumn sunshine on the clothesline. Not only is the dress lovely but the label as well - I just love the old dress labels!

This lovely scrap of fabric was also rescued and is quite worn in places, but has a lovely sheen to it and rich colour. I can't wait to use this little one! (this pic has some nice subtle shadowing in it too!)

I feel like it's Christmas time with all these lovely goodies; now to decide what alterations are needed as well as what to use the fabric scraps for! Happy me!

Happy Sunday everyone!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Crafty Good Friday

What a happy Good Friday we had today.

The kids and I made our 'Easter Tree' (using paddle pop sticks), blown egg decorations to go on it as well as a number of Easter-y, crafty, glittery things! The eggs were the most fun ("be careful!!") as we drew on them with crayons then dunked them in food dye.

The kids also made cute little bunnies for the 'tree' too. This is Emi's effort - love the lop-sided face and legs!

Now we are quietly waiting for the Easter Bunny.

Happy Easter!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Little Loxies Update

The gorgeous Pia (see this post) has found her way to a new home! Yay! My first Dashie Dog is off and away for more cuddles! A friend bought her for her new little nephew.

As well as that, these two lovelies have found new homes this week too! (thank you Kirsten!)

Oh! how wonderful! Lucky I am on holidays (and enjoying a completely kid-free day) - I'm off to make some more!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Lairy Pants

What a weekend! Hosting a 5 year-old's party is a little bit exhausting! This was his first 'real' party so the anticipation and excitement was think in the air! On Saturday morning Lachie had his little friends from school and his cousins over for a party. There were lots of happy faces, lots of yummy goodies and lots of games to play.

Lach had his special new party clothes on: a new t-shirt, special 'lairy pants' and a new 'brooch'. Earlier in the week he put his order in for some new shorts; the lovely vintage red-patterned fabrics were his choice and we added some red to go with them. They looked so great on - I was pleased with his choices! The little brooch he wore matched his pants perfectly. It's a little collage brooch he made from some Chinese paper (beautiful reds and golds) while I was making some BrisStyle brooches this week.

He is proudly showing off his new outfit, along with a very cool race car that one of his little frineds gave him .... the prodruding belly in the photo is a product of his party munching; there was no hiding it, I'm afraid!

I've decided that kiddie parties are a lot of preparation and quite exhausting ... but so fun and so worth it, especially when the guest list is kept small! :)