Friday, March 13, 2009


Being a thrifty kind of a gal and loving all things related to up-cycling, re-using, re-fashioning .... I recently bought two dresses for myself from an op shop. They were crazy prices - $2.50 for one, and $3 for the other!! I decided that I didn't need to try them on; they looked like they would fit, and for the price, I wasn't that worried!

Well, the lovely red, pink and black spotted one (which is a little shift dress, 60s style) fitted like a dream and I added a little ribbon belt with button closure. Lovely.

The second one, a black and white 'mod-looking' creation, alas, was a little 'firm' around the bottom/hips area. I have been enjoying reading the Wardrobe Refashion Blog (and BeckyBean's recently "new" dress!) as well as trying my hand at other re-fashioned bits and pieces, so ... not wanting to waste my $2.50, or some pretty stylish fabric (not to mention a lovely invisible zipper!) I got to work re-fashioning it from a ladies size 10 to a little girl's size 2. Fun.

I cut off the hem first which went to creating the shoulder straps. The original dress had a pleated high waist with side 'tabs' so I cut off the bodice and put a big pleat in the skirt so that the tabs overlapped (just the right size to fit around Emi's chest) and finished with a button. My stash of ric rac came in handy to add wiggly details to the straps and hem.

Because of the thickness of the fabric, it's ended up quite 'chunky' around the chest, but I'm really pleased with the overall result!

Someone looks happy with her new dress! (Dolly likes it too!)

Tomorrow is the first St William's Craft Markets for the year so I'll have to put my refashioning on hold for a little while!!
Come along if you're in the area!
St William's Church, Dawson Pde, Grovely 8am -12pm


Little Diva said...

Great job you've done with the refashion. It is gorgeous !

Hey Harriet said...

What great scores! That top dress is very cool. I love that you were able to transform that adult dress into a tiny dress for your little girl. How clever! It looks great! Judging by the big smile, you have one happy customer there. Careful, as she may be requesting stylish dresses for her little dolly now!

All the best at the markets tomorrow. I really hope to make it along to one of those markets soon. Sadly tomorrow will not be the day :(

Kyoko said...

Oh wow! That is amazing! The dress looks fabulous. I am always scared to change the shape of the clothes. I must say the first dress is really lovely. I cannot believe they were only few $!

zofia said...

Wow, that looks fantastic! Love it!

Hot Fudge said...

I take my hat off to you - that makeover of the highly extravagant $2.50 dress is truly something to behold. And how adorable it looks on your house model. Well done!

mimoo said...

how cute! I love the ric rac trim also. You are very clever indeed.

Anonymous said...

Oh you are sooooo clever!!! That little dress is too cute :)

Em said...

Ali, this dress is divine makes me think maybe it wouldnt be bad having a little girl after all ;-D

Bec said...

Wow Ali, this is sensational!!!! Puts my refashion to shame! I would never have thought of cutting down a dress like that. Really impressive :)
And how super super cute is Emi! :D