Sunday, April 5, 2009

Lairy Pants

What a weekend! Hosting a 5 year-old's party is a little bit exhausting! This was his first 'real' party so the anticipation and excitement was think in the air! On Saturday morning Lachie had his little friends from school and his cousins over for a party. There were lots of happy faces, lots of yummy goodies and lots of games to play.

Lach had his special new party clothes on: a new t-shirt, special 'lairy pants' and a new 'brooch'. Earlier in the week he put his order in for some new shorts; the lovely vintage red-patterned fabrics were his choice and we added some red to go with them. They looked so great on - I was pleased with his choices! The little brooch he wore matched his pants perfectly. It's a little collage brooch he made from some Chinese paper (beautiful reds and golds) while I was making some BrisStyle brooches this week.

He is proudly showing off his new outfit, along with a very cool race car that one of his little frineds gave him .... the prodruding belly in the photo is a product of his party munching; there was no hiding it, I'm afraid!

I've decided that kiddie parties are a lot of preparation and quite exhausting ... but so fun and so worth it, especially when the guest list is kept small! :)


Hey Harriet said...

Happy birthday to your little Lachie! I love those cute shorties. Not so short shorties ;)

I didn't notice the protruding belly until you pointed it out! He'll run it off in no time I'm sure :)

Hot Fudge said...

I can't believe your little man has turned five. I love his choice of fabrics for his fabulous new shorts, and who says real men can't wear brooches?

Think of me on Easter Saturday as we hold a joint fourth birthday party for the Brisbane and Sydney granddaughters. At least it will only be cousins attending, but throw in an Easter Egg hunt and I'm already dreading the sugar rush!

XUE said...

Happy belated birthday to yr Lachie! I love shorts with contrasting fabrics & I'm still making shorts & pants like that for my kids! At one stage in my career, I was also doing party planning & somehow, that part still emerges whenever we have a party at home!

Bec said...

What a perfect party outfit!!! Happy (belated) Birthday Lachie :)