Thursday, May 21, 2009

re-fashioning in the rain

Wow! What a few wet and wild days we've had!
We were luckier than others to escape with only wet shoes at our place, but more wild weather is forecast.

This wild weather was a good reminder to made some cozier clothes. I had bought a few big jumpers at op shops after last winter in the hope of refashioning them successfully.
This is the first one - a lovely red that I felted, took in the side seams and added a cowl collar.

It's very snuggly! I'm so happy how this one turned out - love the collar! It's a little bit shorter than I would like (you can see my green t-shirt peeking out the bottom!), but it's ok! I have another woolly one and a lovely green cotton one to magic into something else next!

Other exciting news is that I have been doing up some patterns of my Little Loxies and they are making their debut in my LittleJellygnite Etsy shop over the weekend! It has been very fun drafting the patterns and I like the idea of others making their very own Loxie in their choice of fabrics and colours; giving it their own little finishes!

I am also offering 2 pattern kits as giveaways on May 27th as part of Giveaway Day ... so stay tuned!


Hey Harriet said...

Hey that's great Ali! I kind of like jumpers to be a bit short so you can see the t-shirt. And the red/green colour combo you have going on there looks cute. Making those patterns available in your shop is a neat idea! Looking forward to seeing your giveaway :)

Anonymous said...

Great collar! It's all the rage to see the under shirt peaking out the bottom of the jumper.

Love your little Loxies! I also loved your little pocket sized 'Jelly' Ruby 2 Go Go took over to Little Diva's house for show & tell yesterday. I'm pretty sure the camera man took a close up of it for the GREAT STH EAST TV show. He took a fancy to it too. Soooo adorable. Your little Jelly that is - not the camera man ;)

Hot Fudge said...

The top looks wonderful Ali and I love the collar. We all oo-ed and ah-ed over your little Jelly yesterday. Too cute!

Lisa's RetroStyle said...

How cute Ali! I love your redo on the sweater and your little critters are so cute!!

Sandrine said...

Yes Ali, your mini jelly is adorable...and will probably be famous soon;)
What a great idea to refashion.Like idea of patterns too.Wishing good luck!

Richie's 2ts Inspires said...

The jumper is gorgeous. REady for a cool & windy autumn.

Is still raining downunder? WoW! I can't wait for the giveaway :-))

Happy Sunday

Bec said...

This looks fantastic Ali, what a great idea. You're so clever!!!