Tuesday, July 14, 2009

BiDM goodness

The BrisStyle Indie Designers Market was such a busy, busy day that I barely got enough time to do a spot of shopping! With so many gorgeous handmade goodies on show, I could have easily spent the whole day just shopping!

After quite a stressful lead-up to the market (not at all helped along by my little girl banging her face into the wall), I was very happy with my table set-up; all my little things sat together nicely!

I picked up some gorgeous jewellery pieces from LittleChrissy, StratDesigns and ReRead; a delightful 'snow queen' brooch from Chris, a yummy green lolly bracelet from Sophie and a sweet blue resin ring from Hayley. It feels so nice wearing (showing off) my new pieces!

I also bought a much-coveted skirt for my little girl which she was over the moon about (such a girly girl!). It's a gorgeous orange-coloured skirt from Robyn at HotFudge. It only made Emi love the skirt even more when, wearing out for the first time, complete strangers complimented her on her fashion sense! Well, it is a most beautiful skirt! (the sneakers don't really do it justice, but the days activities called for 'sensible shoes'!)

For more of the low-down on the BiDM, check out this post on the BrisStyle blog.
Amanda from Twinkle Star Art has uploaded a bunch of photos from the BiDM onto Flickr too.

I'm back at work now that my holidays are over ... not that I have much to complaian about, I'm only working 2 days a week this semester! Which is lovely because it leaves more time for making and playing!


littlechrissy said...

Oh you bought that most excellent skirt from Robyn! I was admiring that and wishing I was much, much tinier.

Little Mary Moo said...

Your stall was very sweet. I love the goodies you were able to pick up too. That skirt is beautiful. You will need another one the next size up I think for when she grows out of this one.

Chrisy said...

It all sounds fabulous and love the skirt and sneakers together look...unfortunately couldn't be at the market because of work commitments but so pleased it all went well...

Hot Fudge said...

I am so pleased that Emi loved her skirt, Ali. What a gorgeous model she is - do you hire her out? And I am most envious of the other delicious goodies you purchased on the day - they are simply stunning.

Hey Harriet said...

All beautfiul purchases Ali! I'm surprised you had the chance to leave your busy stall to go shopping! Your stall set-up was gorgeous btw!

Only working 2 days a week? Lucky you! So you'll not need any holidays next time they come around ;D

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous buys Ali! I can totally see you wearing that Strat Designs bracelet. I'm going to have to get my little Miss Am one of those Hot Fudge skirts too! So adorable.

Lisa's RetroStyle said...

Your booth looks very nice:D And so does the young woman standing in it. I'm assuming that would be you. It is so nice to see the face (well at least the profile) behind all the kind words coming from across the ocean.

I think it was Tracy I once told that I imagined you looking like the woman in your banner. lol.

You made some lovely purchases. I really like the little brooch.

Your daughter is adorable! So is her skirt. I must say I like it with the leggings and sneakers:)