Thursday, November 13, 2008

party frocks

The best things about kid's parties is seeing the looks of complete wonder, excitement and joy on their faces! And not just the birthday girl - all of them!

Here's Miss Two ... the looks of excitement and joy were yet to come ... it was just wonder at this stage!
She is wearing her pretty party frock that her Aunty made for her using a delightful little blue rose old fabric and a cute little EmBelIsh clip that the lovely Ruby Red bought for her.

The course of the party went very well with cousins laughing and running and playing, party games, balloons, yummy food and of course the cake!

I has so much fun making this little bunny cake ... but it was rather frustrating - the icing just didn't want to do as it was told! So, as a result, he was smothered in the stuff (mmm yum!)
I also had a bit of trouble with getting his little face right - I think he looks a bit scared, poor thing - perhaps he knew what was coming: "I want the tail!", "I want that ear", "Could I have a whisker?". He was so very yummy!

By the next day (Emily's actual birthday) she was a pro at this birthday stuff - opening presents etc. Here's a shot of her illustrating the "looks of complete wonder, excitement and joy" I referred to earlier as she test drives her new stroller!

This dolly stroller has barely left her sight ever since!
It started life as a hideous 'Bratz' stroller and, as I cannot abide by these 'dolls' for a two year-old (or for any age, really), I went about changing it!
Here's the before shot ...

And the after shot, complete with a lovely vintage fabric with purple and blue flowers on it! Ahhh, that's better!

After this alteration, I'm so glad the stroller was a hit with her! ... I'm now looking forward to the wonder, excitement and joy of Christmas (but no more fancy cakes for a while!!)


Lisa B. said...

Oh she is soooo adorable!! And so is her dress...and the bunny cake...and the stroller! What a fun day:)

Em said...

Happy Birthday Little Em xx she looks like she had a great day Ali, I hate those bratz dolls too, glad you made the alteration to the pusher.
x Big Em

Hey Harriet said...

Emily looks so cute with her new stroller! Love how you altered it. Yes, much nicer! Oooh & that choc bunny cake is a culinary masterpiece! Onya Nigellygnite! I bet it taste as good as it looks. Er...looked. It's likely all gone now! A very happy belated birthday to your little Emily :)

EmBelISH said...

Hey Ali

The cake turned out perfectly, and its looks like Em just loved all her pressies.

Bel x

edward and lilly said...

She is just the cutest little button in town!

Major improvement on the stroller too, well done, I can't stand bratz!

Hot Fudge said...

Oh, how adorable little Emily is and doesn't the pretty party dress set off her blue, blue eyes! I would have gone for Bunny's tail - doesn't it look tempting.

And good on you for eradicating the world from at least one Bratz. Tony and I think they should be barred to all children under 95.

Richiesliv DÅ och NU said...

She's too cute! And looks like she have a wonderful birthday.

The doll pusher is pretty and that's better than Bratz & Barbie dolls. I been through all these.

Enjoy ur day ahead.

Bec said...

Oh, I'm so glad she had such a great day. Her dress is just gorgeous, as is the little bunny cake (yum!!!). And I love what you did to the pusher. I feel exactly the same way as you about Bratz....

Alissa Nicolau said...

Happy Birthday Miss Emily! She looked adorable and your cake looked amazing! I wish I was that brave! I also liked your changes to the doll stroller. Beautiful fabric.