Monday, February 23, 2009

Down Tools

Taking up Robyn Hot Fudge on her challenge, here is a pic of my work room. She challenged us to 'down tools' and snap it as it was. So here it is!

Not that you can probably tell, but I've just had a clean-up (of sorts) of my room, which basically means you can now see the carpet!

The two main projects on the go are a little dress for my girl (one of the items on the back of my chair) and on the table, a half finished dress for me. The dress fabric was given to me by someone very lovely and thoughtful; it is a vintage polished cotton of beautiful quality, she knew I would appreciate it!

You can also see my button jars on the window sill. I love these; the jars are all the same yummy French jam jars with a red and white lid ... my extended family have been eating a lot of jam lately to aid my jar collection (and my need to have them looking all the same!!). Lucky my sister-in-law found some on special!!

Check out Robyn's and also Eliza's from Elven Hair too.

Last week I donated 50% of my Etsy sales to the Red Cross Victorian Bushfire Appeal. Although I only sold two things (making my donation only $19 ), I know that every little bit will help.

(this little cutie made his way down to Melbourne this week)

I am constantly warmed by the stories of generous Australians all pitching in. A year 5 student at my son's school, off her own bat, organised a 'free-dress' day for the entire school to donate funds for the Red Cross. They were able to raise over $900.


Hot Fudge said...

Where's the mess? All I can see acres of spic and span carpet - and neat spaces galore. I bet you even iron your family's socks.

Seriously, what a lovely work space you have created Ali. I am most envious! Thanks for joining in the fun.

Hey Harriet said...

Your space is so tidy Ali! It looks lovely! Now I'm wondering if you do iron socks! I think I may have some of those jam jars. I'll have a look & if I find them I'll pass them along to you for your button obsession. Congrats on the Little Jelly sales last week & donating funds to the Bushfire Appeal. Every little bit DOES help. Enjoy the rest of your week :)

Anonymous said...