Sunday, February 8, 2009

Handmade in Brisbane

As it was my birthday a week ago, I wanted to share one of the presents I got. It was from my sister-in-law who has an etsy shop masalachai (who I've blogged about here too). I had admired this gorgeous bag in her shop ... and low and behold, it ended up being wrapped in birthday paper for little me!

I just love this fantastic fabric and the colour - so fresh! And the size of the bag is really perfect too. The fabric came from one of her (frequent and successful) thrift shop fabric hunting expeditions - great find!! A big thank you to lovely Andrea for my new bag :)

Here's another little gift that has been given lately (well, for Christmas, actually) to my little girl. At the St William's markets (which start again next month - I'm looking forward to them!) late last year, I found Francene who makes and sells the most fun and gorgeous kids costumes. There were a few lovely jester outfits - perfect for my little clown - but unfortunately they were all too big. So, I had a little one made - how perfect does it fit??

And how cute is my little jester? Francene got it finished in super quick time, chose a gorgeous selection of fabrics and it fits Emily perfectly.

So, I just wanted to share some of the amazing talent that's out there :)

Head on over to Hey Harriet for some more talented people snapping the shadows.

Happy Sunday!

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Hey Harriet said...

I like that bag! The apple fabric is very cool. Lucky birthday girl! Your Emily looks very cute in her jester outfit. I'm wondering where one wears such an outfit to... :)

Great that those markets are starting up again soon. I plan to actually make it along to one this year!

Have a great week ahead Ali :)

Hot Fudge said...

What a gorgeous bag - they say it pays to advertise, but I say it pays to admire!

Oh, and how cute your little jester looks in her fabulous outfit.

Anonymous said...

Lovely bag, it's so you!

Gorgeous outfit, looks so sweet on your little girl. It's refreshing to see a little jester rather than the usual princess and fairy costumes.

Bec said...

That jester outfit is SO cool. And I love your new bag - having seen it at our meet-up I remember that the fabric is even better in real life. Just gorgeous :)