Thursday, August 6, 2009

The BrisStyle Etsy Ekka Extravaganza Sale!!

(whoa! what a mouthful!!)

The Ekka is on again! Which means, along with strawberry ice-creams, the show bag pavilion, baby animals and a good dose of the 'flu, that BrisStyle's EEE sale is on again!

At both my jellygnite and LittleJellygnite stores, I am offering:

Free postage within Australia plus free set of gift cards with purchases over $25 (excl. postage)

image from TwinkleStarArt - thanks Amanda! ;)

The sale runs from today until Saturday 15th August
Visit the BrisStyle blog for a list of the BrisStylettes and their deals!

Happy Shopping! :D


littlechrissy said...

Those clowns are truly creepy. :-)

Lisa's RetroStyle said...

I had to go google Ekka as I hadn't a clue what it was. Now I see it's like your state fair. Interesting that all our fairs happen over here in August also...even tho our season are opposite. I guess I would have expected those type events to be on opposite ends of the calendar too.
Best of luck with your sale! And have fun at the Ekka:D

Chrisy said...

Hope you sell heaps girl!

Hey Harriet said...

It is a mouthful! And I've just realised I've been calling it the wrong thing. I've been calling it the Ekka Etsy Extravaganza...oh well, it's at least still an EEE sale with the words the wrong way around :)

Thanks so much for including my 'creepy clowns' photo on your blog Ali! I used that photo to make a dodgy EEE sale banner before I realised Amanda had made the lovely one I see here. Doh!

Happy EEE sales! :D

REread said...

I have always though clowns were creepy, i blame Stephen King

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Hope the sale was a huge success!