Saturday, August 22, 2009


There are so many things I love about Spring-time. At the moment, at the top of the list is saying goodbye (fingers' crossed!) to nasty winter 'flu ... so sick of being sick!!

The weather has warmed up so much here .. kinda feels like Spring has been skipped and we're moving straight on to summer! (and, technically, it's still winter!). My jasmine is blooming, the air smells sweet and we've kicked off our slippers! Love living here!

Some lovely things have been made recently that also make me happy for Spring-time.

One of the most lovely things is the opening of a brand new cosy and crafty 'Nook' in West End. This little shop, made by Michelle in the front room of her house is overflowing with delicious crafty goodness - so many beautiful things! My LittleJellygnite babies are so happy and humbled to be in such lovely company, including lovely things from some other BrisStylettes too. Go to the 'Nook' blog for more info.

I grew up with these good old chairs which were looking decidedly shabby around the edges after we had adopted them.. So, despite the fact that the kidlets are still small (messy!) they got a re-covering - the woollen covers always itched my legs anyway! I found a lovely strong cotton fabric (such a great colour too!) to replace the grubby, scruffy 80's covers. Lovely! just like new! (the kids chairs have specially-made slipcovers on them to protect the new fabric)

Another newly-made thing in our little house is a cubby. Hooray! somewhere for the kids (and their junk!) to hide! We are lucky enough to now be the owners of a big new t.v, which is pretty cool ... but I'm not sure which is better; the big shiny t.v or the excellent cubby-making box!?

My boy and I decorated the box yesterday with little paper squares in red, orange and gold. It also has flowy curtains, a letterbox and a very grand front door! They are having lots of fun in their Morrocan-esque cubby already. I love it! All the decorations we used came from my (rather large!) stash; what an eco-cubby! :)

As well as all this, some Little Jellies and Loxies are patiently waiting completion along with some moleskine-like notebooks on my work table.

Happy Spring-time everyone!


Sandrine said...

Oh that cubby is majestic!Well done!Happy spring too ;)But it does really feel like summer that is a bit strange?But won't complain tooooo much ;)

Little Mary Moo said...

Wow! That cubby is unreal. I'm sure there will be heaps of fun to be had with it - makes the tv certainly worth it.

Anonymous said...

I'm sick of being sick too! Although this warm weather is a tad extreme for my liking.

I can't wait to get over and check out Nook. Looks so cosy and inviting.

That is one awesome cubby Ali. You're kidlets are very lucky to have such a crafty Mum. Your chairs look amazing too, I love the idea of those slipcovers to protect the new fabric ;)

littlechrissy said...

Best. Cubby. Ever. Can I please come over and play in it?
PS pleased you are feeling better. x

Sharlene said...

I love the cubby. What a clever idea and so much fun!

Anonymous said...