Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Newness for the Festive Season

I’ve been absent of late … lots of different things going on that meant the blog posts didn’t happen … but here’s another one now!

I’m getting quite excited about the beginning of December … so many good things happening; school’s out, Christmas is coming … but before all that the BrisStyle Indie Designers Market is being held!!

I’m very much looking forward to the BiDM market – the BrisStylettes are such a lovely community of crafty gals that the markets always have such a friendly and fun vibe.

I have a nice load of stock waiting to make their appearance at the Christmas BiDM – Little Jellies, Little Loxies, my softies patterns, note books + brooches. However, I have recently been busy making some new things for *jellygnite* at BiDM.

I have quite a love of letters and mail and mail art; I really love the book “Urgent 2nd Class” by Nick Bantock (love his illustrations!) and have just ordered this yummy mail art book called “Good Mail Day”. So, in keeping with my love of mail I’ve made some ‘Eco-Envelopes’ (they are a lot of fun!).

I’ve made them using all re-purposed materials – both fabric and paper. My fabric ones are mostly vintage fabrics and lovely old buttons. My paper ones are old maps and book pages as well as 1940s wallpaper. You can have a peek at them in my jellygnite Etsy shop.

I love that these envelopes can be used for a whole heap of uses! I posted one in the mail to the lovely Ruby Red (which arrived to her intact, happy to say!) using a little address sticker on the front. I also think they’d make good pouches for gift cards and small gifts or for using as a little purse. I can’t wait for the gift-giving of Christmas (or the BrisStyle shopping on my 'to-do' l

Bring on the Christmas Cheer and the fabulous BrisStyle Indie Designers Christmas Market!


Lisa's RetroStyle said...

The envelopes are adorable! What a great idea Ali!! I wish I was there to attend the maket. Would be great fun:D

Twinkle Star Art said...

I'll be snoop'n around your stall at the BiDM early I think. Gorgeous envelopes.