Saturday, October 3, 2009

Peg Dolls

Busy little hands at my place have been crafting their way through the holidays! Joy!

I love peg dolls and have been wanting to make some for a while. I love that they can be beautifully simple with just a scrap or fabric tied around them, or beautifully intricate with gorgeous little detailed clothes.

I made up some templates for our dollies clothes; a skirt, shirt and pants and then let the kids choose their fabric scraps. We drew little faces and shoes on them and then dressed them in their nice clothes. Then we knotted and glued their hair on and gave them sweet little necklaces and a neck tie.

Such fun! This was a good project for my boy to handle, but my little one needed my help. They are so quick and fun to make that they were being played with in no time!


EmBelISH said...

These are super cute :) I wish my busy little bee had the paitence to sit still long enough to make some

Thanks for all the holiday crafting tips I am saving them away for a rainy day to come (especially those little paper bowls, I am sure they will be a favourite)

Happy crafting, Bel x

Anonymous said...

Your kids are so lucky! Can I come over next school holidays. It looks like so much fun at your place. Those little peg dollies look super cute :)

Hot Fudge said...

How cute are these little peg dolls - and so much better than wasting them on boring old clothes lines!

edward and lilly said...

I like their hair. I made my nieces addicted to peg dolls, every time I see them now I don't know if they're excited to see me or the bag of fabric scraps, after they dress their peg dolls they then start making accessories for themselves, so cute :)

littlechrissy said...

Oh I love peg dolls! It's their simplicity that appeals. Very very cute.

Kitty Boo Boo said...

These are cool Ali ... great to see you today and I love those paper blooms from an earlier post ... they are gorgeous!