Wednesday, November 18, 2009

... it's that time of year ...

Although it's not December yet (when Christmas 'officially' starts in our house!) it's certainly "that time of the year".

It's that time of the year when my colleagues and I are busily marking student work and writing reports as well as thinking of fun Christmassy things to do while trying to stay 'on top of it all'.
It's that time of year when the heat arrives and brings thunderstorms in the evening (yay for rain!)
It's also time for me to start thinking about Christmas gifts and looking forward to and planning the festive season.

And the thing that's exciting me the most is the BrisStyle Indie Designers Christmas Market, because, not only does it coincide with the end of school for me, but I can't wait to set up my little stall, soak up the friendly market atmosphere and do some super crafty Christmas shopping!

I have been making a few new things for BiDM, some more 'little cuties' (like the one I made in this post) and my 'eco-envelopes' (see this post). Most recently though I've made some little gift tags.

These have been made using up-cycled cereal boxes (I have been amassing quite a collection - we eat a lot of weet bix!!) and some fabulous vintage images from old childrens books. I think they would make cute gift tags for gifts for kids, but think they would work as bookmarks too!

Making these is very addictive and fun - I absolutely LOVE trawling through damaged old books looking for the perfect images!

I'm selling these in my jellygnite etsy shop as well as at BiDM. I'm really looking forward to BiDM now! ... but there's a little bit of preparation work ahead of me yet!

If you are keen to check out who of the BrisStylettes will be at the next BiDM, check out the BrisStyle website (created by a very clever local Brisbane web-developer ... aka, my husband!!)


Sandrine said...

oh looking forward to see your creations at the market Ali!

BrisStyle said...

O'h Ali these are SO beautiful I think I would be hard pressed to give them away so I better get two lots ;) I will definitely be coming to visit your stall bright and early on the 5th for some of these beauties before they are all snapped up

Bel x

Hot Fudge said...

What a brilliant idea Ali - they would make such wonderful bookmarks. I think I will have to join the queue nice and early, so watch out, Bel!

Hey Harriet said...

These are adorable Ali! I like the idea of using them as bookmarks! I hope to visit the market in the afternoon so hopefully you'll still have some left! Happy market preps! Oh and the Bris-Style website is looking fantastic! I popped over there last week and was very impressed :)

Twinkle Star Art said...

These are so sweet Ali. I can't wait to see your magical stall come to life at the BiDM.

jenny said...

Oh wow your new year style is looking absolutely gorgeous.... its just like crafty shopping heaven! Thanks...

dsi r4