Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Art of Letter Writing

Ever since I was a small girl I have loved receiving mail. I love the postage stamps, the canceling
post office stamps, the dog-eared envelopes, the anticipation of what's inside...

I have a 'pen-friend' in Italy; we have been writing to each other for just shy of 20 years (oh my!). We are dear friends and although we mostly email each other now, it is most exciting when a parcel comes in the mail all the way from Italy!

I love sending mail too! I love making and decorating envelopes and putting little, funny and sometimes trivial notes inside or long big essays of thoughts and happenings. It truly is a beautiful art, this letter writing!

I have just finished some new products for my jellygnite Etsy shop. A year or so ago I made my mum an 'Art Deco Ladies' note paper set, she commissioned me for a couple more for her friends and now I've finally nutted out a whole range.

It features gorgeous ladies from the 20th century in their varied, but always so stylish and glamourous fashions. There's 'Deco Retro', 'Wartime Retro', 'Rock n Roll Retro', 'Mod Retro' and 'Woodstock Retro'. I had considered including the 80s decade of fashion too .... but those fluro rah-rah skirts, leg warmers and big hair have left a permanant scar on my memory!

I'm looking forward to the BrisStyle Indie Designers Market (in TWO weeks!) where I can bring my 'Retro Ladies' note paper sets out and encourage others back into the love of letter writing!


Hot Fudge said...

Wow - this is sure to set a new trend of letter writing. I love them Ali and they should sell very well at the BrisStyle Indie Market.

littlechrissy said...

These are super-freakin' cute. And timely. One of my friends is moving to Canberra and we decided last night at her farewell party we were going to bring back the art of handwritten letters. These will do just nicely, thank you!

Jade said...

very nice - i look forward to seeing these at the markets in two weeks - they'll be great sellers :)

Oh and 20 years? that's an awesome pen pal effort!!!

Stefano said...

Hey Ali!
A big CIAO from your "friend of 20 years"!
I'm delighted to read about our LONG friendship in your blog! :-)