Saturday, February 27, 2010

BiDM Busy-ness!

In a week, I will be soaking up the markety vibe, listening to some guitar tunes, chatting with customers and generally enjoying myself at the BrisStyle Indie Designers Market.

I only hope that next Saturday is not as wet and soggy as today! Don't get me wrong, I'm enjoying the misty rain, light breeze and occaisional snatches of sunlight, but not the best weather for Happy Market Days next weekend, me thinks!

Sunny Day at the last BiDM

I have made all the stock I'm going to make (I could always make more, but keeping my sanity is rather more important!) and printed out all the prices and bits and pieces. So I'm feeling pretty good - roll on Saturday!

What I do have left to do is make a pretty new dress for market day! It's green (suprise!) and cream spots and I'm making a mod-style summer dress. My gorgeous little girl bought the fabric for me for Christmas (love her style!)

Details for the first BiDM of the year are on the BrisStyle website as well as a list of BiDM marketeers - go write your shopping lists now! (well, I'm going to anyway!!)

See you next Saturday!

1 comment:

Hot Fudge said...

You've finishing making all your stock? Great. Forget the new dress - you'll look lovely in anything. Get yourself over here IMMEDIATELY and help me with my stock for next Saturday. Frantic? You bet!