Monday, June 23, 2008

Things For Winter

Today I had a blissful 'kidless' day. I decided to finally finish a grey woollen dress I've been making (for months) from this 1960s pattern - so sweet!

The lovely thing about this pattern, which is mum's, was that it had a treasure hiding inside it. For some reason, mum's wedding dress pattern and swatches of material were carefully tucked inside! It was like opening a little time capsule.

But my dress wasn't to be. It is just too big for me and some major re-structuring is required ... and it's lined! I'm going to have to enlist my mum for some assistance, I think. So, this lovely dress remains unfinished. (I'd better hurry up and finish it before our all-too-brief winter is over!)

Frustrated with this, I decided to make something easy and guaranteed to fit. This is based on a skirt pattern that I've used and adapted for years. It's a very brown, wintery-looking skirt: the 'apron' bit is actually a dark chocolate colour. The appliqu├ęd pattern is cut from a curtain I bought at a Slavo's store in N.Z (I like these sort of souvenirs!)

I'm proud to say that apart from the thread, the whole skirt is thrifted! (and it fits!!) I also used an invisible zip - which is only the second time I've sewn one of these things in - and I think I'm an invisible zip convert!

Tomorrow's job - tidy my very full, very messy 'making stuff' cupboard!


Bec said...

Your day sounds lovely! What a treasure to find all that stuff of your mum's. But what a shame about the dress sizing. I have a Built By Wendy pattern that I'm desperate to make into a winter dress, but I just find it so hard to justify the time it will take. But you've got me thinking that if I'm going to do it, it'd better be soon. Winter is pretty short here! And lastly, I LOVE the skirt. I'm really becoming a big fan of making things using thrifted fabric and bits and bobs. Very impressed with the invisible zip effort too!!!

Hot Fudge said...

Does this really mean the Sixties is the new Naughties? I weep when I think of the tons of Sixties gear I donated to Vinnies.

Thanks for the trip down memory lane - how clever of your mother to keep the patterns from that era, and the added bonus of finding her wedding gown swatches must have made your day.

Hey Harriet said...

Gorgeous skirt & I love that it's entirely made from thrifted finds. I adore yummy choc brown colours for winter. I wore my fave choc brown cords today which made me very happy :)

All-to-brief winter? Geez...ya think? I'm thinking it's far too long. I'm not a winter type though. Bring on spring! NOW! ;D

Twinkle Star Art said...

Lovely skirt Ali. How handy it would be to have the skills to make new clothing out of thrifted treasures. I wouldn't know where to start. Your skirt is a 'one of' original art. :-) Amanda