Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Saturday Sweetness

On Saturday I went to my monthly market at St William's Church, Grovely. I love going to this little market - it has such a lovely atmosphere and wonderful sense of community. My boy loves coming to help me out too, it's so nice having a little companion. All the older ladies love him and lavish attention and sweet cake goodies on him - and he's a little piglet so he loves the sweeties!

So, the sales weren't that great at the market, but the community is lovely and I have a nice morning with my boy.

Straight after the market, I came home and started making some vintage button earrings. I was inspired by my friend who's an 'earring girl' and not a 'brooch or ring' girl like me; she despaired to find no earrings for sale at my stall, only brooches and rings ..... So, away I went to make some earrings!
These are made with gorgeous 1950s (I think) buttons that my aunty gave me; pearly lattice encased in black - lovely! (sorry, the photos aren't good - photographing earrings is hard!!)

These ones are made with sweet pink buttons that I picked up at a treasure fair a few months ago.
Not sure what to do with these creations as I don't wear earrings myself and not being an earring girl, I'm not sure if they're good enough to sell. Finally, these lovely blue and cream ones are for my friend - she's a 'blue girl' as well as being an earring fiend - I hope she likes them!

The blue buttons came off a genuine vintage Beutron button card, complete with matching thread (like these at crazyhaberdasher's blog). Just so lovely, I was really reluctant to take them off ... but I have 3 others, and I plan to keep the little card anyway for collaging.
A happy, community Saturday.


Hey Harriet said...

The earrings are sweet & certainly look good enough to sell. I love the sound of that market. I'll have to check it out sometime. Those smaller community markets are always more charming than the over-rated & crowded City/inner City ones!

Bec said...

These are great Ali - they certainly look good enough to sell to me! The ones you made your friend are great - I would wear these - if I was an earring girl. However, after the great 'infected ear incident' of 1994 I swore all body adornments that involved sticking things through skin, and have only since wore the occasional 'clip ons'! Like you, I'm a brooch and ring girl (actually you better add hairclips to that too...oh and bangles :P). The church market sounds lovely :)

Joanne said...

These are just lovely Ali. You could definately sell them! So nice that you had a lovely day with your boy!

AnastasiaC said...

these are really cute!!
thanks for your lovely comments on my blog...my notebooks are store bought ones but I do plan on doing a book binding course this year..that way i can make my own small books!! fun fun!!

Ali said...

thanks for your comments Anastasia - have fun with your bookbinding course, making books is one of my favourite things!