Monday, June 30, 2008

Shadow Shot Sunday at the Seaside

What a lovely few days we had holidaying by the sea. My shadow shot is one day late ... but I have three to make up for it!

We had so much fun fossicking in the rock pools and playing. And there were shadows everywhere I looked!! (I have to thank Hey Harriet for reminding me of the delight in shadows!)

It was also nice just sitting and soaking up the sunshine and enjoying the kids' delight.

We have collected lovely bits of sea glass that have been tumbled by the sand. I'm still wondering what I can do with them; I love Rebecca Ward's 'sea jewels' ... so maybe this could inspire me, or maybe I'll just keep them as they are. The green and clear ones were particularly lovely but the predominance was for the amber glass ... obviously the drink of choice around there!!

It was a lovely little holiday ... when is our next one?!


Gina said...

Lovely SS's..looks like a perfect day at the seaside! Always wonderful to see little ones inquisitve and beachcombing is so much fun!
Thanks for visiting my SS too :)

Hey Harriet said... adorable those top two photos are! These are such sweet beachy shadow shots. Even sweeter than seagulls! Just clicked the Rebecca Ward link & wow! What lovely work 'rebecca the wrecker' does! Thanks again for playing SSS. You have me craving some 'liquid amber' now ;)

Elizabeth said...

"Thriftiness and simplicity": sign me up.
You captured your day at the beach and the children's delight in the natural world so well.
No need for awful plastic toys when there is the beach to enjoy.

Hot Fudge said...

What delightful seaside images you have created. The little ones are so engrossed in their fossicking activities without a care in the world. Ah, youth!

Sandra Ree said...

The most perfect place in the world, the beach. Sweet shadow shots! :)

Bec said...

Love your shadow shots! Your holiday looks lovely - we haven't taken the kids to the beach in such a long time *sigh*. Looking forward to seeing if you do anything with the sea glass - and yes, Rebecca Ward's work is just beautiful isn't it!

Lisa B. said...

How cute!!

Greyscale Territory said...

That first pic is just delightful! I so love all pics associated with the sea!