Saturday, October 18, 2008

Arty weekend

The students' exhibition at school was a success! We had such an easy time hanging and displaying it all only to have a power black-out on opening night!! A dark art exhibition is not such a good thing, but the drink was still flowing and people still munching on the delicious food! While it was looking a bit worrisome for a while with Art teachers carrying around torches waiting for the 'emergency lighting' to fail, the lights did come back on eventually and the night was a very busy and happy one!

One of my year 7 'nests'
It's such a relief knowing that it was a success. It was also lovely watching the parents come in to admire their child's work and then comment on how great it is!

A lovely giraffe from the junior school

The students' works looked fantastic; from the monsters that the Prep kids made right through to the beautiful drawings and other works of the seniors.

One of my year 8 artist's books on the theme of 'metamorphosis.


Bec said...

Wow Ali, the exhibition looks amazing. How wonderful to see all the hard work that you and the kids have put in being displayed and celebrated in such a lovely way. I'm so glad it all went well :)
Cheers, Bec

Hey Harriet said...

Glad the night was a success. Even with the power blackout! The set-up looks so great. Did you exhibit at the school you work at or an outside gallery? I really love the look of the space! Congrats to you and all the students involved!

Claire, said...

Awesome work, I love the nest! It looks like a wonderful show, dark or not. Your students are very lucky to have you.

Trish Goodfield said...

That nest is incredible. What talented young people we have