Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bronty Baby

This week I needed to do something else; not related to my etsy shop, or getting ready for markets, or thinking about work, or cleaning the bathroom (eek!). So, inspired by one of my boy's drawings (I do so love young children's drawings - such candor and innocence!) I set about making a little softie - his name's Bronty ... because he's a brontosaurus (can you tell?!)

He has already made himself at home, as you can see playing with a puzzle!
The original drawing is of a brontosaurus and a triceratops eating a tree; you can see the long neck of the brontosaurus and the three 'horns' on the other one with a large leafy tree in between! I then adapted this gorgeous creature into a paper pattern for the softie.

I used an old sheet with a delightfully-coloured flower pattern on it as well as some plain green for his face, 'spot' and tail. I love him! ... and he may just turn out to be a prototype for more little 'Brontys'!!

*PS The lovely Leah from Moxie Photo and Design featured little ol' me on her blog a few days ago! Check it out the post here. Also take a look at her great etsy shops while you're at it! Thanks Leah!


JustJess said...

Ali, this is beautiful. I love the idea of making kids' art 3D.

Lisa B. said...

Oh! He's so cute...what a treasure for your child!!!

Sandra Ree said...

Loved your interview Ali! And I love Bronty! I do envy anyone that can take a photo, make a pattern and sew a creation from it. Very nice work you do! :)

Em said...

Yay Bronty is sooo cute, I am going to watch out for Lucas' pics and maybe do some creating, but at the moment all I would be making would be spaghetti ;-)
well done on your interview too Ali

Hey Harriet said...

Your Bronty is really cute! I just popped in to read the interview. Congrats on that Ali! Great feature!

Little Mary Moo said...

Bronty is so cute, I hope to see more of him around.

Anonymous said...