Friday, October 3, 2008

Beautiful Images

I just wanted to share this gorgeous site with you; 'Gracia + Louise' are a pair of Melbourne artists who make the most beautiful things (artist's books, zines, collages)!

Their images; the juxtaposition of the different elements and the materials really speak to me - love it!

Other gorgeous, but completely different images can be found at TwinkleStarArt. Browse through her etsy shop and then head on over to TwinkleStarArt's blog for your chance to win this gorgeous 'Beep Beep' print!

Enjoy your weekend!


esque said...

What a cute print! Beep!

Hey Harriet said...

These do look lovely. The mention of zines brought back fond memories of creating angsty style zines with friends many many years ago. Was such fun! Despite the angst ;)

Hey thanks heaps for the graffiti site link. I hadn't seen it before. It was great but I didn't see the hippo :(