Friday, June 12, 2009

BrisStyle Markets Prep

Only 4 weeks to go til the BrisStyle Indie Designers Markets - time to start getting ready! And I am rather excited too - it promises to be a super-great event: fantastic stalls, lovely location, yummy food, drink and music ... all on a glorious Brisbane winter day! (let's hope it is warmer than it has been the past couple of days brrrr!)

I went to the Young Designers Market last weekend for a 'market fix' and some inspiration. There were SO many gorgeous, excellent quality wares there, including a good contingent of BrisStylettes! Included in the BrisStylettes on show was the lovely Helen, from Ruby2GoGo (who is also our very special BrisStyle market co-ordinator). Her spot was celebrating vintage swish and sharing the Brisbane-retro love. How wonderful is her set-up?! All red and white .. and I love her little scooter girl! Brisbane really is a lovely, crafty little place!

Being a "list-lover", I've made myself a list (numerous actually!) of the things I need to do in the lead up to the market - making more stock, getting more business cards, signs, displays ... One thing at the top of my list was trying to resolve the problem of display; a range of heights, continuity in appearance and effectiveness were all criteria I was trying to fill.

I wasn't happy with my current market set-up that I have been using at the local church markets; my naughty Little Jellies and Little Loxies just don't like sitting up straight! and my other stock often looked quite jumbled.

I have come up with a combination of boxes to help with my market display as well as the cork board that I already had.

This box I made from an existing one by cutting and re-taping it so that it is now a 'step'. The tops of each level are shallow enough to display my items properly as well as having three (including the table) levels of display. I'll give it a nice coat of black paint, I think.

These boxes I picked up from Reverse Garbage and fold down flat (great for carting them around!). I like the way I can stack them differently to accommodate my little softies. (Chi Chi Chookie was being very obliging today and test-driving all the boxes for me - what a sweetie!!)

Finally, this one doesn't really fit with my black boxes, but I think I will put it on the end of my tables. While searching desperately in the garage for something - anything! - that I may be able to use, I found this little cutie that I have never been able to throw away. It is a little cabinet that my brother made at school (I'm glad I rescued it from the throw-out pile now!) and I think my Little Jellies will look especially cute peeking out from it! Again, Chi Chi checked it out, but she was getting a bit tired by this stage

So! First problem solved! :D Now back to my lists!


Little Green Doll said...

It seems really exciting this market! I'm sure you will be very successful!! Your display will be perfect, sure! (please, show us some photos when it's done) Have a nice weekend!

Hot Fudge said...

Wow Ali, you are so organised. I haven't had time to think of my setup or even to make extra stock. And we leave for a week in Sydney on Sunday. I think I'll go and breathe into a brown paper bag for a while.

Lisa's RetroStyle said...

Looks like your really getting things worked out! Looking good!! I love working on displays. Not sure why but I find it fun. I think I should have been a window designer (you know for like shop windows). I'll enjoy watching your continued progress:D

Hey Harriet said...

I just know that your market display is going to look fantastic Ali! I'm looking forward to seeing it on the day. I remember your display from the last BrisStyle market looking awesome! Have fun fiddling with the props and good luck with all the other prep. Not long now!

bubbachenille said...

Looks like you have it covered now, Cant wait to check it out at the Brisstyle market..

Bec said...

Oooh, I love your new display items - can't wait to see your new set-up at the market!!!

Sharlene said...

How good are you sorting out stuff now for the July market. You inspire!

Jetta's Nest said...

Different heights...good thought Ali, I hadn't even considered that. I can't wait to see your stall :)


Helen said...

Wowee what a post Miss Jelly - you're the best xox

Lovin' your innovation and Lovin' the height thing - am sure the Loxies will love it too to add to their ever so adventurous spirit!

I think that I will bring my binoculars to the Market so I can see what they are getting up to from my stall accros the path!

Just letting you know that you've won an award over at my blog for being "exceedingly charming"


edward and lilly said...

I so want to give Chi Chi a little chi chi cuddle.

Your box constructions are looking really good, softies are tough when it comes to display, I'm using stuff from my kitchen including a picnic basket and bamboo steamers, hehe I hope they work out ok!! We'll see, otherwise I'll just throw them on the table because I'm so over it :P