Sunday, June 14, 2009

Shadow Shot Sunday #29

Happy Sunday everyone!

Here is a shadowy shot taken at South Bank last Sunday. It was taken 30 minutes after it had stopped pouring with cold, windy rain; the clouds blew away and the sunshine came out for perfect picnic weather!

The shot is of the 'arbor' at South Bank; a long avenue of bougainvillea, climbing on tall sculptural trellises, that runs through the park. I think Hey Harriet used it as one of her shadow shots before?

Pop on over to Hey Harriet for some more Shadow Shots and some really great piccies.

What a happy Sunny Sunday .. I'm off to a BrisStyle crafty swap meet-up today ... hopefully I don't bring home too much stuff to fill the space I made in my de-stashing :)


Sylvia K said...

What a great shot! So nice to have some sun after a lot of rain!

Happy SSS! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

The Summer Kitchen Interiors said...

Hooray for sunshine! Love that shadow...looks like a big hook coming at us!
Have a great week!

PJ said...

Isn't it wonderful when the rain ends and the sun comes out? This is great, I love high contrast photos.

Hey Harriet said...

Cool Shot! It's difficult to imagine it was raining just prior to taking that photo when I can see that perfect blue sky in the background! I believe you though, as I remember the crazy weather from last weekend! The Arbor is a great place for taking photos!

Hey it was great catching up with you today and you did very well in not taking a load of stuff back with you. Unless you picked up bundles of craft goodies after I left ;D

Anonymous said...

What an amazing shot!

Sandrine said...

Hope you had great time at the swap !Nice shot;)

Richie's 2ts Inspires said...

A wonderful sunshine after rain isn't bad, huh?

This is really a great shot, Ali... So sunny, guess still chilly?

Have a happy SSS.


Linda said...

Interesting shadow---so clear and great shape!

Lisa's RetroStyle said...

Oh, I like that shot! Looks like a a very friendly, artsy monster:D

Hope you had fun at your swap.

Catherine said...

Great sharp shot..

Anonymous said...

What a fun project! It looks like a praying mantis to me... ;)

Rae said...

Great pic. Looks like a shadow of Nessy.
Love your Blog

Wicked Child Designs said...

looks like a scary monster lurking in the bushes :D very cool shot.

xo Teneale