Friday, September 18, 2009

books are good

The Art Show at school went off without a hitch (phew!). It was such a lovely, low-key evening celebrating the Art and Music that little kids make. And now, I'm on holidays!!

Aside from busy Art Show prep, it's been a book-y week here. We love books in our house.

My gorgeous, clever boy is learning to read; he is taking such delight in discovering the 'secrets' hidden in the words of books. His favourite at the moment is 'Ten Apples Up On Top"; he has it on his bedside table with a bookmark (his favourite bookmark from Bec) in it. You see, it is rather a long book and he gets tired halfway through reading it - hence the need for a book mark! ;)

The BESTbooks book swap happened again - number 8. This time, we had a theme of making flag books; it's always fun making to a theme. Rhonda from My Handmade Books collates them all each time, see her blog post about it.

The book I made used pages from a 1960s Auckland panorama book. I cut the photo up in skinny strips which became the 'flags' of the book. When the book is held open at a certain angle, you can see the entire panorama.

The book I received was this gorgeous one from Meredith from notuboc. Simply beautiful with it's blues and organic shapes. Lovely! thanks Meredith!

Also this week, I found out that my book tutorial is listed on the Meet Me At Mikes list of '25 ways to make a book by hand' - cool! (mine's #16). This list is a great compilation of some lovely little tutorials for making gorgeous books. (great ideas for doing some crafting these holidays with the kidlets).

I'm off to keep preparing for the Racecourse Rd Street Party - what fun, can't wait!


Sandrine said...

clever books!Ten apples ...was the girl fav for a while too ;)See you Sunday;)

Richie's 2ts Inspires said...

What a great and smart ideas. So much originality.

You're one of a kind, Ali? Thanks a mill for sharing.


Little Mary Moo said...

I hope you enjoy your holidays. I love the book you've made too - very clever.

Congrats too on being on Meet Me At Mikes.