Wednesday, September 23, 2009

School Holiday crafting

Over the past recent years I have been accumulating gleefully a stack of wonderful crafting books - both new and old. I decided that right now is the perfect opportunity with both kids at home and me on holidays to try out some of my favourite projects!

The little activity we did today was to make some lovely paper flowers from the "Phoney Flowers" project in the 'Meet Me At Mikes' book. We used old book pages and twigs from the footpath for ours. The kids painted the paper with ink beforehand. (nb. the old book pages are so lovely - yellowed and crinkly ... but beware! they can be quite brittle!!)

I was pleasantly surprised how this went with my 5 1/2- and nearly-3- year olds - they really enjoyed the project, and while I helped quite a bit, they had fun creating.

We are very pleased with our new blooms! (and are looking forward to our next fun project!)

Today has been such a strange weather day. We have been enveloped in a big cloud of dust - there is an eerie light around and a layer of dust on every surface of the house. And now it's chilly. These images were taken from the back deck - looking out from the second picture you normally can see the hill behind our house - it is totally lost in dust.


Hey Harriet said...

Those flowers are really very sweet. Your crafty kiddies did an excellent job Ali!

Dust storm! Eeeek! It has turned me into a sniffling sneezy head! It's awful. I wish ours was at least pretty like the dust storms in Sydney. Theirs is cool orange/red. Ours is dirty boring beige. Grrrr ;D

Jetta's Nest said...

Ali those flowers look really good! I wonder how my boys would go with them.....

Little Mary Moo said...

The flowers are very pretty. I hope you enjoy your holidays.