Monday, September 28, 2009

More Holiday Crafting

So much time to do crafty things on holidays! I love it :)
We've made these little bowls before (see this post), but I was inspired to try them again by Amanda Blake Soule's book 'Handmade Home'. (this book is such a treasure to look through - so nourishing in the best crafty way!)

(they look like the Three Bears' bowls!)

As it had been over a year since making these bowls, it was nice to try them again with my bigger kids. A year on means better dexterity, (slightly) longer attention spans and a little less mess!!

This time we made them using old 'window' envelopes that I'd saved - I really love the patterning on the inside of them, don't you?! We used a diluted PVA mix for the glue, but a proper cellulose papier mache glue, like 'celmix' would be much better (and much safer!).

We used little glass mixing bowls as the molds and put on about 2 or 3 layers of paper. My boy went for the largest bowl - which obviously takes longer to do - and so his only has one layer and is sweetly delicate. The little bowl was for my girl - she attached scrunched paper balls to the outside of hers for a bit of texture.

I'd considered painting them, but the lovely patterning is quite perfect, so they're staying as is. Now they're ready for some special treasures to go inside!


Hey Harriet said...

Sweet! How lucky your kiddies are to have such a crafty and clever mum! I can think of a perfect use for them. Fill them with jellybeans! Remove the black ones first. Black jellybeans. Bleah!!! Enjoy the rest of your holidays Ali. People who have too many holidays. Bleah!!! ;D

Twinkle Star Art said...

Your children are very lucky to have their very own art teacher at home. Good call about not painting them, they do look great as is and less mess too. I hope your kids have fun filling them with treasures :)