Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Things for Little Girls

I really enjoy making girly things! It's fun searching through my stash and seeing what I can come up with.

My cousin's gorgeous girl turns 1 in a couple of weeks (she really is gorgeous, big brown eyes, cheeky smile...) so I made her a little book. The book has collaged pages of different shapes with corresponding colours. I've made a few of these books now and really enjoy it!

Of course I had to make a little bag for her new book - and what little girl doesn't love bags!! I must admit, I was somewhat inspired by Bec's gorgeous bags, especially her new 'little lady' ones!
This little girly pink skirt, made for my girl, was made with a combination of new fabrics and remnants. I found the red and black craft fabric at my local fabric shop (which is closing down, unfortunately .. ) and loved the silhouetted shapes in it. As well as using it as a little 'apron' on the skirt, I cut a band of it off to attach to the hem as well. (She likes the duckies!)

While tidying up my 'making cupboard' (I'm still going ... it's a work in progress!) I came across this gorgeous vintage cherry fabric. It was a remnant in odd-shaped pieces from a dress Mum made, so instead of trying to fold it all up neatly, I used it! This little tunic was from a dress pattern I had that I just made shorter.

It looks so sweet on my blue-eyed girl. Because of it's shape, it flares out and looks very "70's" as she toddles along! ... and this one's made from all 'thrifted' / rescued things - so gotta love that! ;)


Sandra Ree said...

You really do enjoy making girly things! Loved everything! Where were you when my daughter was so very young? :)

Net said...

What a great collection of girly things! The pink skirt is lovely, especially the panel of fabric with the silhouettes! My favourite is the book - what a lovely idea for a gift, I'm sure it will be treasured.

Bec said...

Wow you've been so busy!!! Love the book - such a great idea!! And the little girl will love having her own bag to put it in too - my daughter is obsessed with putting things in bags (gee, I wonder where she gets that from??). What a lovely gift! The skirt and tunic are great too. Love those fabrics :)

Hot Fudge said...

My goodness you have been so creative and prolific this week! I love everything you have made and I can imagine that your little blue-eyed beauty will stop traffic in her beautiful Seventies style dress. Well done.

Hey Harriet said...

That sweet book & bag set is such a lovely gift. Lucky girl! And your little girl must be the envy of all her little friends! Those skirts are adorable. Especially the retro style one!

Hilary said...

I really loved the sweet little child's book with the collages and colours. You have inspired me to make one for my little grand-daughter who will soon be 2 years old. Thanks also for the kind comment on my last post.

Ali said...

thank you for all your lovely comments :D
Hilary, I'd love to see the one you make for your grand-daughter!