Thursday, August 28, 2008

beautiful bunny

Thank you to Net from Area Thrifty One for sending me one of her gorgeous bunny kits.
In green - my favourite colour!

I'm really looking forward to making it up and I really like the idea of putting smelly stuff inside (like rosemary or cloves) or stuffing with sand and using it as a cute doorstop. You can see more of Area Thrify One loveliness at her etsy shop.
The 'generosity of bloggers' indeed :)


EmBelISH said...

what a beautiful gift, please bring it with you next time at the market so I can see!!

pixie said...

Hi, I saw you on Hey Harriets comment page and thought I'd have a look and see what you do! I'm also from brisbane and have only just started my blog :)
I read your previous post - don't you find the best stuff at Vinnie's stores??! I could spend all day in them...pity I've run out of space to put any new things!

Hey Harriet said...

That's really cute! You'll have to post picks when you've made it up. I think it would make a super door stop!

Hey nice to see that Pixie (above) found you. I just discovered her blog this week & as she is new to blogging I was going to send her some links to cool Bris blogs to check out. It seems she has found one of them already :)

EmBelISH said...

Wow a Babushka Bunny! How cool and what a great idea to use it for a door stop. I bet it will work a treat and give your visitors a nice surprise when they come to visit (if you use it at your front door that is). Cant wait to see it finished (no pressure)
Bel x

Net said...

Thanks so much for the mention! I'm glad you like it!