Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Retro Ladies

I've had fun creating some 'Retro Ladies' aceos / art cards the past couple of nights.
I uploaded them all to my etsy shop tonight (and unfortunately due to the square cropping - they all look decapitated - hee hee!! ah well!)
I love the great expressions these wonderful ladies have - as well as their great clothes!

There were polyester and pantsuits everywhere in the 70s!

Part of the reason why I was motivated to make these beauties was our BrisStyle 'Etsy Ekka Extravaganza' Sale which starts Saturday. The deal I am offering is 15% off storewide as well as a free aceo with orders over $15 ... so, I thought some fresh new faces were in order for the 'aceo' section in my shop!

Enjoy these retro lovelies and make sure to swing by the BrisStyle blog to get the lowdown on our sale and all the particpating shops.


Hot Fudge said...

You've obviously been raiding the Vinnies bins, because that's where I left my wardrobe back in the Seventies. Bring back the Crimplene!

Sandra Ree said...

I actually love the styles on the last two pictures!

Hey Harriet said...

These ACEOs are great. The top lady is looking very smug. I would also if I was sporting that cute little orange outfit!

And Ekka shmekka! The BrisStyle event is way cooler than a bunch of smelly cows ;)

Twinkle Star Art said...

Go orange! Love that dress, it almost glows.

I agree Hey Harriet. I'm steering clear of the smelly cows and the beastly bugs at the EKKA show this year. Happy to celebrate through an online BrisStyle sale, much safer that way :-)