Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Thrift Delights and a Kitchen Tea

I visited my local Vinnies today - they have just refurbished the shop (it still smells like new carpet and fresh paint!). Lucky for me, they discovered that they have an over abundance of books and so are selling them off - fill a bag for $1!

I filled my bag with all sorts of novels - some for using with my students, some because they were good stories, and some because they had interesting covers! My son also picked up 3 lovely fairy tale books from the 70s with lovely illustrations (he's got a good eye!). You can see one of his books at the bottom left of the pic, my 'tower' of books keeps going out of the picture!

Not satisfied with my book stash, I also bought a sweet set of yellow daisy glasses (perfect for little hands, I think!) and a lovely heavy glass vase. Thrifty happiness!

Another thing that's made me happy lately was my sister-in-law-to-be's Kitchen Tea. It was a proper, old-fashioned ladies Kitchen Tea, complete with a vast assortment of delicate sweeties served on beautiful plates and stands and lovely china cups and saucers with flowers on them. So delightfully civilised!

As it was a 'traditional' Kitchen Tea, I gave a traditional gift. My s-i-l-to-be loves cooking so I made up a recipe box with blank recipe cards as well as some already filled in. I had so much fun putting all of this together (which is good because it took way longer than I thought it would!!). I enjoyed choosing some of my favourite sweet recipes for her as well as making all the cards and finding suitable vintage ladies for decoration!
Now we wait for the wedding! I'm very excited as I love a wedding! It's just over a week away and I still have my outfit to finish (I'm so good at procrastinating!) ... maybe I should go and do a bit now ..?


Hey Harriet said...

Fill a bag for a $1.00? Wow! I'd go crazy! Those daisy glasses are sweet. Nice score! That's such a beautiful gift that you made for your S-I-L. She's very lucky indeed! Now, stop procrastinating & finish that outfit!

EmBelISH said...

I want some of those recipe cards!! ;-D
You need to finish the outfit and then you can make some other crafty stuff again xx Em

Sandra Ree said...

Fill a bag for a $1.00?! I'd be in heaven! And what a sweet sister-in-law-to-be you are, I love the recipe box! :)

Twinkle Star Art said...

That must be nice to visit a Vinnies that smells of fresh paint and carpet. Usually Vinnies smells like my grandparents place. I'm sure your S-I-L 2B will absolutely love your gorgeous vintage box of recipe cards you made for her. What a wonderful keepsake too. :-) Amanda

Ali said...

Hee hee Amanda! Yes, my local Vinnies used to smell like that - it certainly is a nice change! :D

Bec said...

What a great haul of treasures!!! But I've got to say "oh boy, I am drooling over that recipe card box". Will you be making these for your shop? They would make such ace Christmas presents. I LOVE the idea - and it just looks so beautiful. Nice job!!!

Hot Fudge said...

An old-fashioned kitchen tea - bring them back, I say!

Your recipe box is brilliant and should be marketed - perhaps with a copyright symbol? I made a recipe book for my daughter for her shower tea, with all the old family favourites, including my grandfather's recipe for making gravy ... mmmmm... It is much loved and much used five years down the track, so I know your future sister-in-law will get great joy out if it in the years to come.

EmBelISH said...

That recipe box is absolutley beautiful, you should definitley make some for your ETSY shop, such a great idea for a gift, very clever :) Bel x