Thursday, July 31, 2008

Book Love

On the weekend I went to the 'Freestyle Books' symposium at the State Library of Qld. There is an exhibition on at the moment of their collection of artist's books also. It was lovely being surrounded by gorgeous books, book lovers and book artists. My faves from the exhibition were these ones:
Tom Blue Children's Britannica
So perfectly cut by hand, I think, into an old encyclopedia.

Jonathan Tse Portrait of an Australian
This guy taught me at uni in the printmaking studios and he was making this book at the time - lovely images.

Tracey Bush British butterflies
This one feels so delicate and fleeting with the ephemera butterflies.

And I was also told about Brian Dettmer's books - so intricately cut and precise and lovely! He cuts around the illustrations in old textbooks and encyclopedias to make new, layered images with the book covers. As found on this blog.

I am all inspired to make some more books now, including one for the upcoming BEST book swap. Here's my latest collaged 'Vintage Ladies' book; it's orange 'sister' was posted for a birthday gift.

(Somehow that Lego policeman muscled in on my shots!!)

I'm really enjoying this format using the stab binding and including a little envelope in the cover; I can't wait to make some more! I may even get 'round to popping some up on my etsy shop too!


Hey Harriet said...

Thanks for sharing the info about that exhibit. I'll be over Southbank way tomorrow so I'll try dropping into SLQ to check it out. Love your 'Vintage Ladies' book! So does that cheeky lego policeman. Can't wait to see more! They'll be a nice addition to your etsy shop. That's if they make it past Constable Lego ;D

Sandra Ree said...

The Brian Dettmer's books are pretty cool, I don't think I've ever seen anything like that before! And Your 'Vintage Ladies' book is beautiful!

Hot Fudge said...

You've inspired me to take another look at the State Library. I love visiting the place and think it rates among the best. And who can blame the Lego policeman for wanting to take a closer look at your wonderful work?

Ali said...

thanks Tracy, Sandra and Robyn for your comments - I'm excited to make more of these books :)

Anonymous said...