Friday, July 18, 2008


Remember the very frustrating dress project of mine? Gorgeous 1960's pattern, yummy grey wool fabric, lined and all ... but was too big.
My lovely mum helped me with a number of fittings and pinnings (who was I trying to kid thinking I was a size 34 bust??!) and I've since made the changes. The lining was a pain but the thing that stopped me in my tracks was the zippper ... an invisible zipper!! It being only my third attempt, I was quite scared. Anyway, I did it and invisible zips really aren't that hard!! (I'll have to remember this for next time!!) I now prefer them to normal ones. So it's finished and here's a dodgy pic to prove it!

I added some stitched black and white ribbon around the waist as a little feature and pinned on one of my favourite button brooches. I really love the pattern and have copied down the changes I made so that I can make a no-sleeves version when summer rolls around.

Another little sewing project waiting for me is to finish these babies.

Along with Bel and Em, fellow BrisStylettes from EmBelISH Clips, I am going to the St William's market tomorrow (Dawson Pde, Grovely) and am hoping to get these 'little jellies' finished and named so they can join Daisy-Bell ready for their market debut!


Twinkle Star Art said...

Daisy-Bell is a very cute name for your little jelly. Good luck at your market tomorrow, hope you sell lots of little jellies. :-) Amanda

Hey Harriet said...

That dress turned out so beautifully! Yay for sweet mums for helping out when needed :) Have fun finishing those cute 'little jellies' and best of luck with the market. Hope you have a wonderful day!

Oh & congrats on your award from Bec! And I'm sorry for getting in early & being a piggy & eating all the bikkies ;D

Bec said...

Wow Ali - that dress is gorgeous. I love it!! Have fun at your market tomorrow, and I'm with Amanda, Daisy-Bell is a great name :)