Saturday, July 12, 2008

Trash 'n' Treasure

Oooh! I just love that combination of words!

A church nearby had a Trash 'n' Treasure sale today and the hall was full to the rafters of wonderful thrifted goodness! It was also full of lovely old ladies who loved having a chat and a bit of a 'cheek-pinch' with my kidlets.

I picked up some lovely old fabrics. They have a delicious feel to them, the blue stripy one is a brushed cotton (I think?) with a lovely sheen on it, the purple flowers may even be bark cloth and the red is a very 70's-feeling velveteen. I also picked up the beautiful embroidered doily. I really have to stop buying fabrics though (I just can't help leaving gorgeous fabrics like this though!) as they are just not fitting into my cupboard; it's already squashed full. I guess I'll just have to get my sewing machine whirring ;)

We also found 'Pluto' and 'Lily' (named by L) sitting quietly in a corner and instantly fell in love with them. We paid the $2 for each of them and cuddled/dragged them home. They are in need of some stuffing 'rearrangement', some clothes and cute painted faces (how am I going to do that??!). I hope they like their new home.


Bec said...

I'm with you on the fabric buying thing - my cupboards are bulging with thrifted fabrics, but I just can't stand to not take beautiful fabrics home with me!!! Can't wait to see what you do with Pluto and Lily. What a fun project!!!

Hey Harriet said...

Oh I love Trash 'n' Treasures! You scored some nice bargains there & I'm looking forward to seeing the new-look Pluto & Lily! Hope the little cheeks of your kidlets aren't too bruised :)

Bobbie said...

google how to draw doll faces... i found a few sites.... if you dont mind them hard, you can just use regular acrylic, or permanent markers

Ali said...

thanks Bobbie - I'll try google. I was going to use acrylic with a textile medium in it, hopefully they won't be too hard