Thursday, July 3, 2008

Ticking Off

I am a bit of a listmaker / systems girl; I have 'to do' lists and little ideas notebooks strategically placed around the house. So I felt very happy when I was able to tick two things of my list last night - compiling my NZ travel journal and finishing my work table.

We went to NZ in April which was a very big adventure with two small kids but so fun. My travel journal has been piled up in bits and loose pages ever since we got back. I compiled it all last night; made a little envelope for the bits of ephemera, stitched the pages together, attached a map and enclosed them all within the covers of an old book. It didn't actually take that long and left me wondering why on earth I let it sit for so long without doing it!

My boy made one too which I sewed up a little while back. He had a 'diary entry' for each day and chose 2 postcards to be the cover (he chose cows?). He is very pleased with his little book and I love remembering our holiday through his eyes. (not such a good photo, sorry)

Next was my beautiful new work table. It's an old kitchen table that I scavenged from the council kerbside pickup in summer. We saw it driving home from dinner one night, I got so excited and demanded we pull over. I fell in love with the shape of the legs, the chrome tubing on the corners and the blue laminate panels. Unfortunately it wasn't going to fit in our car. Heartbroken we drove the rest of the way home, but when we arrived, and with the kids safely in bed, J said he would go back and get it for me (my hero!). So, armed with a drill and with the back seats down he went and rescued my lovely table.

The top was covered with faux woodgrain contact adhesive which was hiding the original laminate. When I pulled it off I discovered the lovely blue check laminate to be damaged, faded and discoloured. So I used a lovely piece of paper that I got in Thailand many years ago and some fibre paper at each side to top my table. It's lacquered a nice honey colour and you can see the pattern of the laminate underneath which I like. You can see the table top in the first photos.
My old work space, an old school desk, was very tiny and prone to giving splinters! A definite improvement and very conducive to work!

Now... back to my list!


Hot Fudge said...

Ooo ... the things that people throw out! What a prize bonus you have on your hands. It must be very happy living in a loving environment after being assigned to the gutter.

And I love your travel journal. Maybe you should teach us all how to make one!


Hot Fudge said...

Forgot to mention - I love your little artist's diary entry.

Sandra Ree said...

The table looks familiar, love it! You did a great job with it!

Hilary said...

I like your NZ travel journal, it looks cool - such a nice way to preserve your personal memories of the trip. I am curious to know which book you used for the covers - or is it a secret? Hilary

Ali said...

Robyn - I'd love to teach you how to make one! maybe I should so a tutorial?!
Hilary - the book is 'Master of Ballantrae' by R. L Stevenson. It was the perfect size and has gorgeous endpapers with a mermaid and merman on them - I've kept the inner pages to do something else with - don't know what yet!

Bec said...

Wow Ali, you are one creative gal!!! I would LOVE you to do a tutorial on how to make a journal like this. Seems like a great thing to do with the kids too - love your son's effort. So special!!!
And oh boy, that table - I love this style of table. I think I would be inspired just sitting at it. Great find!!!

Rosebud Collection said...

What nice journals..Really a good idea..The table is very nice and a nice size to work at..Good find.

DreamON said...

How lovely your work table looks!

I must keep a travel journal. I found one years ago and kept a journal of that trip, but I must do it again - the next trip! Thanks for the reminder. :D

Hey Harriet said...

That's a sweet looking travel journal. I LOVE your retro table. Kerbside collection is so much fun! I scored a retro table that way also. A little like yours but red laminate. The legs on yours are way cooler than mine! I had the same problem with it not fitting in the car so as it was only a few blocks away from my house I quickly grabbed some friends to help me carry it home. If you ever decide to part with yours (I know it's not likely ;) let me know!

Ali said...

Red laminate sounds very nice, Hey Harriet! I love the mental image of you and your friends walking it home - if it's anything like mine, it would've been bloody heavy!!! and no, not planning on giving mine up anytime soon ;)